So today as I repack, my repacked luggage to lose any unnecessary weight to make my flight baggage limit, it finally hits me.  I’m flying to France to ride in the Alps. My friend, Gila Joffe owns and runs a touring Company called Msaro. The Name is derived from her beautiful Daughter Aria.  MS ARia Overton.  Talk about a mothers love!  Speaking of which, Gila has got 9 of us to mother and look after while we are there on this 7 day training camp.  Gila knows how to put it in, and we are being put up in a very luxurious chalet in La Tania.  The experiences so far has been so amazing, with feedback of what to expect and weather forecasts,shuttle and transfer arrangements.  Gila has kept us informed every step of the way.  She has gone the extra mile. Which for a novice traveler like me, is a massive bonus. She has never been to busy to answer my inexperienced questions.
As I sit here, bags finally packed and now at the correct weight, there are clothes and redundant outfits lying everywhere.  The realization is so cool.  My stress is over to a large extent.  I can’t wait to sit at the airport now to relax into the journey to get there.  If been anxious since this trip became a possibility. From Passports that got lost in office, and having to re-apply with little time left to them get the ticket and ten apply for the visa, for me it’s been these little hurdles that made this trip seem like a pipe dream.  Well my dream of riding my bike in the Alps is coming true.

For those of you who want to follow what this place is like, I will blog about it daily. I’ll take pics and let you all know what you’re missing.  Also go to to check the site and bookings for next year.  Yes next year!
Ok I’m going to have a nap now, I’m going to be flying some 20 hours, so I’m gonna need some rest.  Chow for now.  And keep it rubber side down.